Basically Digital LLC

Small businesses and non-for profit organizations don't have the budget to afford a most digital marketing consulting firms. We help provide affordable digital solutions for your business or ministry needs.

About Us

As an organization, you need to communicate — with your current customers or members, with the community, with the world and you know it needs to be in the digital space (specifically websites & social media). But too often, we are limited in the amount that just one or two people can do. Let alone trying to dabble in the digital world and having no idea where to begin.

Custom Digital Solutions

Let's just have a simple conversation about what you want to do and what you want to achieve. From there we can figure out a solution! We will help you figure out your next steps. We are in business to help small business achieve their goals!

Happy Clients

We love working with businesses with 1-5 employees. Small business owners need to wear SO many hats and I've learned that finding people that work with you and make your business are 100% worth the investment.